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A sustainable harvest

In the coming year, TRACK will focus primarily on harvesting, as we said in the previous newsletter. But what is a good harvest?
TRACK focuses on SME's. In other words: how can we help companies with the application of digitization, for example for stepping into new markets?
But the harvest must also be sustainable. That is why we invest a lot of energy in providing training and guaranteeing our knowledge.

We wish you a successful 2020!

Seven bankable projects 

As previously reported, over the summer of 2019, TRACK opened a call for identification of “bankable projects” i.e. projects led/owned by SMEs proposing to bring “digital solutions” of TRL 6 minimum, primarily linked to traceability and big data, to the agrifood sector that would be accelerated to the next TRL level through trans-cluster collaboration. [Read more]

TRACK starts the coaching programma

The European TRACK project has just started the Coaching Programme aimed at the 9 European ICT SMEs that were selected in the call. These SMEs are Sinapssia (Spain), Sis-ter (Italy), Zuffellato (Italy), Centric IT (Romania), Landfiles (France), Agrithermic (France), Nutrasing (Spain), Sixphere (Spain) and Symbia Solutions (Spain). The 9 companies are receiving support from the TRACK Consortium experts regarding their commercial and technology strategy to approach their business models to the agri-food market. [Read more]

Webinar : EU funding for R&D Agrotech projects led bij SMES

Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA), one of the TRACK project partners, has presented in this webinar 3 Open Calls for technological projects. These are funded by the European Commission (EC). [Read more]

New merged French Cluster

Last February 6, the French government validated the merger of VEGEPOLYS and CEREALES VALLEE-NUTRAVITA in response to the clusters’project call. [Read more]

Next Plant Inter Cluster Annual Meeting, June 25-26, Lyon

The tenth PIC meeting took will be organized on 25 and 26 June, by Terralia in Lyon (Isara). [Read more]


Salon international 14-15-16 January – Angers

In January our partner Vegepolys will be organizing the VIBE netwerk event during the SIVAL in Angers. [More information can be found on the TRACK website]

“TRACK; Growing data: 4.0 Technologies for Agribusiness” Webinars series

TRACK proposes a calendar of 11 ICT for Agrifood webinars to help companies harness the power of the 4.0 revolution to solve problems and maximise opportunities in the area of agrifood. [Read more]

Two day international RoboCrops on 23 and 24 April 2020

Picture by: Daniel Verkijk

RoboCrops is a key event that seeks to accelerate the development of robotics in greenhouse horticulture with hackathons, presentations and matchmaking. The global leaders in the field of robotics in this sector will be gathering in the Netherlands on 23 and 24 April for the first edition. [Read more]